Re-Elect Judy Keliher for Lakeville Area School Board, Nov 3


Judy Keliher Background

Resident of Lakeville for over 34 years


  • Michael 2001 LHS Graduate
  • Andrew 2004 LHS Graduate
  • Matthew 2009 LNHS Graduate
  • Katherine 2014 LNHS Graduate
  • Four grandchildren
  • Nieces and nephew attending/attended LSHS

Work Experience:

  • Regional Sales Director for a large national corporation
  • Operated family owned hardware business for over 25 years


  • University of St. Thomas, BA in Business Management
  • University of St. Thomas, minor in Computer Programming

Lakeville Area School Board Experience:
Current School Board Responsibilities:

  • School Board Vice Chair
  • Lakeville Arenas Board
  • Lakeville Arenas Operations Committee
  • MN School Board Association Legislative Delegate
  • Active attendance at school programs and school visits (pre-COVID)

Previous School Board Responsibilities:

  • Educational Equity & Excellence Advisory Council
  • Finance Advisory Council
  • Long Term Facilities Planning Committee
  • MNCAPS Advisory Council
  • Multiple Agency Collaborative Advisory Council
  • Policy Advisory Committee
  • Technology Advisory Council
  • Board Audit Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Boundary Adjustment Committee
  • Attendance Area Adjustment Task Force
  • Superintendent Contract Lead Negotiator
  • Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Gifted Advisory Council
  • Board Budget Committee
  • Board Personnel Committee Member
  • Transportation Committee
  • Magnet Programming Task Force
  • School Board Chair
  • School Board Treasurer
  • School Board Clerk
  • SEE Representative

School District Experience prior to School Board

  • Boundary Adjustment Committee
  • Secondary School Task Force

Community Involvement:

  • Lakeville Rotary Club Member
    • STRIVE student mentor at LSHS
    • Past Taste of Lakeville Vendor Co-Chair
    • Lead role in piloting noon Rotary meeting time
    • Past Lakeville Rotary Board Member
  • Active Attendance in Community Fundraising Events
    • Lakeville Public Safety Foundation
    • 360 Community
    • Lakeville Area Chamber
    • Elko New Market Chamber
    • Ready, Set, Achieve!
    • Heritage Center room sponsor
  • Community Volunteer
    • Lakeville Public Safety Foundation Golf Fundraiser Committee Member
    • Land of Amazement
    • Land of Amazement 2.0
    • Pollinator Project Plantings
    • Ready, Set, Achieve!
    • Past Lakeville Education Foundation Member
    • Past Cub Scout Den Leader
    • Past Lakeville Baseball Association Assistant Coach
  • Worked with parent group to implement Lacrosse into district
  • Member of Stray Cats supporting student scholarships for co-curricular participation
  • Initiated partnerships with Elko New Market and Lakeville community leaders
  • Conducted joint meetings with state legislators representing our district
  • Advocated at the state level for legislative changes which positively impact our district


"Quality and Equitable Education for ALL Students "


Prepared and paid for by the Keliher for School Board Committee - 16851 Jonquil Tr., Lakeville, MN 55044